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CREATE is a multidisciplinary and collaborative center founded in 1999. It is dedicated to ensure that the benefits of technology can be realized by older adults to support and enhance the independence, productivity, health, safety, social connectedness and quality of life of older people.

The center strives to develop and evaluate interventions and design solutions to promote successful technology adoption among older adults.

CREATE represents a consortium of three universities:
The University of Miami,
Florida State University and
Georgia Institute of Technology.



  • Examine issues regarding use of technology among diverse samples in living, work and health care settings.
  • Gather systematic data on technology access and use on the well-being and quality of life of older adults.
  • Develop guidelines, strategies and technologies that foster successful technology adoption among older adults.
  • Engage in collaborative projects involving business/industry and community partners.


The Center consists of four integrated functional units: The Administrative Core provides leadership, direction, and oversight for the Center’s activities and support for the research projects; the Dissemination Core is involved in outreach to government agencies and Congress, develops guidelines for industry and older adults and advances publication and media opportunities; the Statistical Core provides statistical and technical support for the Center’s research projects and the Research Programs which consist of integrated studies at the three sites with an emphasis on translational research.

A picture of the CREATE PIs:

From left to right: Joseph Sharit, Wendy Rogers, Wally Boot, Sara Czaja, Neil Charness.
Not pictured: Dan Fisk.