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FITTS' Law Calculator:

FITTS' Law Calculator estimates the time for younger and older adults to move a limb to a target. It provides several estimates based on different Fitts' Law formulas.

GOMS Spreadsheet

The GOMS Spreadsheet: shows calculations for a Goals, Operators, Methods, Selection rules (GOMS) model of code key entry that was part of the tutorial in the CREATE primer "Designing for Older Adults, second edition."


Computer Proficiency Questionnaire

The Computer Proficiency Questionnaire (full): measures computer proficiency in multiple domains for a wide range of users.

A shortened version of the Computer Proficiency Questionnaire can be accessed here.

Mobile Device Proficiency Questionnaire

The Mobile Device Proficiency Questionnaire (full): measures mobile device proficiency in multiple domains for a wide range of users.

A shortened version of the Mobile Device Proficiency Questionnaire can be accessed here.

Below are additional survey instruments and technical reports associated with CREATE. If you are looking for Publications, please navigate to the Publications Page .

To request a password to obtain these technical reports, please email the web administrator, Laura Barg-Walkow, at You will also need to obtain the Acrobat Reader software to view and print these files. If you have already obtained the password and are having difficulty opening the pdf, please ensure your Adobe addon is enabled. To enable your Adobe addon, below are instructions for common browsers:

    • Firefox: go to Tools > Addons > enable Adobe Acrobat
    • Chrome: go to chrome://plugins in browser > disable Chrome PDF Viewer > enable Adobe Acrobat
    • IE: go to Tools > Manage Addons > enable Adobe Acrobat
    • Safari: go to Help > Installed Addons > enable Adobe Acrobat

Technical Reports:


Senior to Senior Brochure:

A brochure that may help seniors improve communication with their health care provider is now available on our website. Download the brochure by clicking on this link.